Do You Desire Smoother and Easier Homeschool Days?

I teach homeschool moms who desire to experience smoother and easier homeschool days
while raising self-educating children using the philosophies inside 
the original writings of
Charlotte Mason coupled with my 20 years experience using this method
from preschool through high school.

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“Self-education is the only possible education; the rest is mere veneer laid on the surface of a child’s nature.”

Charlotte Mason

Self-education requires TWO elements to be present in education:

Parents and Teachers create the lifestyle that fosters self-education beyond the lessons.

Students take ownership of the education through self-educating lesson plans.

These two crucial elements require the participation and dedication of both the parent/teacher and student. 

When both parent/teacher and child stay within their elliptical orbit for the sole purpose of experiencing self-education, homeschool days become smoother and easier for everyone. 

The Charlotte Mason Way™ is here to help those who struggle to understand how these two elements work together to result in self-education that leads to smoother and easier homeschool days

There are THREE stages to raising self-educating children.

The stages below takes a Charlotte Mason Mama through the key elements of this way of educating their children in a way that helps her look at education through the Charlotte Mason lens to raise self-educating children.

In the METHOD stage, you need to decide if this is the right type of education for your family based on your educational philosophy. 

Here are steps to take in this stage to know if you should embrace this way of educating your children:

  • Take the Charlotte Mason Assessment to know if you’re a good fit before getting starting
  • Discover the difference between today’s education and this way of educating
  • Understand how subjects are taught with this method

Need help along the way? Check out… The Charlotte Mason Way™ Course.

In the LESSON stage, you need to clearly understand your role as a teacher and what that looks like in homeschool lessons. 

Here are steps to take in this stage to know if you should commit to this way of educating your children:

  • Discover your four roles as a teacher
  • Find out how many living resources to use for a full year curriculum for each of your children
  • Understand how many hours each child should be learning

Need help along the way? Check out… The Charlotte Mason Framework™ Program.

In the LIFESTYLE stage, you need to equip yourself and your children with lifelong habits that make up who they will become. 

Here are steps to take in this stage to know if you should become a follower of this educational philosophy:

  • Identify the struggles you have in your day  
  • Find out how to train habits in your family that will make the biggest impact on your life
  • Understand how the right habits create smoother and easier days for you

Need help along the way? Check out… The Charlotte Mason Lifestyle™ University.

“Give your child a single valuable idea, and you have done more for his education than if you had laid upon his mind the burden of bushels of information.”

Charlotte Mason


The Charlotte Mason Way Show is an ‘almost’ weekly Facebook Live on Wednesday at 1:30 PM ET on my page that helps you understand more about this way of educating that leads to self-education.

The Charlotte Mason Way Community is an Facebook group community that offers a culture of support from like-minded homeschooling moms around a living education through the Charlotte Mason philosophies.

Lifestyle Digest is that thing that will help you make those mindset shifts so you can understand what habits are needed and what education looks like when self-education is the goal.

  • Useful Charlotte Mason tips and advice for homeschoolers
  • Ideas for Charlotte Mason Mamas™
  • Behind-the-scene ways we homeschool
  • And more

There’s no reason to waste your time trying to figure out the Charlotte Mason way™ on your own. It’s time to understand what it all means when you homeschool with the goal to raise self-educating children.

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Hey, I’m Dollie! Let Me Tell You About the Eggs… 

Before I started using the Charlotte Mason method to home educate our children, I was a full-blown city girl. Nature didn’t grab my attention and when it did… it terrified me! However, our struggling learner needed nature more than I realized so I became intentional about making it part of our studies and came alongside our children to learn with them.

Being inspired by a book, A Year With the Birds, I decided that our first year with the Charlotte Mason way would have us studying birds for a whole year. We put feeders up in our yard, my husband built birdhouses with the kids, and we journaled new birds that visited our feeders.

Our book studies often were interrupted by visiting birds as we became eager about learning about the birds we were feeding. One March morning, my routine glances out the window noticed a pair of Wren’s with things in their beaks. I watched them fly to one of our birdhouses. Then they flew out to only repeat the task. It hit me… they’re building a nest in our homemade birdhouse! 

For the first time in my life, I was genuinely excited about nature and I wanted to embrace this new passion that homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way brought out in me.

Our lessons turned to nature that morning, as we bundled up with hot chocolate in our mugs, blankets, and chairs in tow as we made camp about 10 feet from the birdhouse. We sat there in complete silence as we watched Jenny Wren and Jeremy Wren (we named them after our favorite Wren in one of our bird books) build their nest. For the first time in our homeschooling, we took our education out of books and used the outdoors as our teacher. Our children were showing that the ideas they found in books were being played out by naming our wild pets.

It was in that moment that I fell in love with the Charlotte Mason way. The city girl was disappearing and turning into a naturalist. It is this memory that I devote my blog and product design to always include bird’s nest and eggs.