When I first learned about All About Spelling, I was excited to see it used so many of a child’s senses to help a child learn how to build a word. Take a peek into my homeschool by following my Instagram account.

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All About Spelling

All About Spelling has been my favorite curriculum. Hands down!

I teach this curriculum different from the actual way it is laid out, but you don’t have to do it my way. Everything that is necessary for a child to learn with this curriculum is all laid out for you for each lesson all through the year.

However, how I use All About Spelling looks like this:


I introduce the new spelling words, and any words that my child didn’t get correct on the Friday’s evaluation.  To introduce the words, I have two different metal cookie trays, one with the magnetic tiles that comes with the program. The other tray holds a small chalk board, a few pieces of chalk and an eraser.

He puts one tray next to the other.

I say each word slowly, while he looks at my mouth and then repeats the word.

Then he builds the word with the magnetic tiles.

Once he builds it, I have him check the tiles with my spelling card. He is self checking with this method. If he has anything wrong, he makes the changes with the tiles, and then writes the word, as he reads the card.

He puts his tiles back before moving on to the next card. This is automatically teaching him alphabetical order.


We set up the trays just like we do on Monday, side by side.

However, as I say each word one by one, he is attempting to spell the word without the tiles. If he struggles at all, he immediately builds it with the magnetic tiles. Then he self checks with my spelling card to see if his spelling is correct. If it is wrong, he must build it with the tiles, and then write it again.

He puts his titles back before moving on to the next card, if he used them.


He becomes the teacher!

This is his favorite day of the week with spelling.

I take up the tray with the chalk board, while his tile tray is underneath. (This is how we store them, to ensure the magnetic tiles aren’t lost) He sounds out and reads each word for me to spell. He checks my spelling. On occasion I spell words wrong to be sure he is looking closely to the spelling. He catches it every single time, and quickly!

Often times, he goes through the words as the teacher three to four times, as he ‘tests’ every person that may be home and willing.


No magnetic tiles allowed, unless there is a misspelled word on the chalk board. If he writes it wrong, he builds it, and then has to rewrite it on the chalk board again.


Evaluation day! We use a spiral notebook for this purpose. I read a word one at a time. He repeats the word and then writes it in his spiral notebook. Once he is finished with the word, and tells me, we move on to the next word.

Any word he misspells goes into the review section of our spelling box, and will be part of the next week’s practice along with 10 new words.

This is a natural way to introduce dictation.

All About Spelling has dictation practice once you get into the lessons a way. We use these on Fridays, and go through 4-6 short phrases at a time.

We also take a week off from spelling list from time to time, and focus only on dictation every day with 3-4 word phrases. He really loves doing these exercises.

I absolutely LOVE this curriculum, and can’t recommend it enough.