Astronaut creative play is a wonderful way to allow your children to explore and imagine what it would be like to be an astronaut, and traveling to space. If your family hasn’t already studied this, I have a Space Study that will help you pull together lessons for the whole family, using living books and fun activities to learn together.

Astronaut Creative Play |

Astronaut Creative Play

Once a child learns about space travel, and the solar system, their imagination goes to what it would be like. Some children become so wrapped into the idea of their imagination that anything that resembles a rocket, and helmet becomes their props in hours of creative play.

Ceiling are asked to resemble the star light sky, plants are dangled on string and dreams of zero gravity meet a sleeping child once they get bit by the imagination of astronaut creative play.

Not all kids can get to this place of imagination on their own, especially if children aren’t encouraged with ideas of living books, giving ample time for free play and allowed to get bored without electronics to fill their mind.

I would love to share some ideas for you to help foster a love of created play with some props, crafts and other ideas that could turn any child into an astronaut… even if it is only in their own imagination.

Create a Cardboard Rocket

What kid doesn’t love to play with cardboard boxes? I haven’t personally met one yet.

Imagine the fun your kids would have if they had their very own cardboard rocket to imagine with for a time, especially if they could help you make it!

Here are a few ideas that I found on Pinterest that may help you get inspired for your own DIY Rocket:

If you like the idea of having a cardboard rocket for your kids to play with but lacking the supplies to do it, consider this fun cardboard rocket kit that kids can decorate and play inside as well.

Create Other Astronaut Fun

There are so many things kids can do in their creative play, as they imagine themselves as astronauts. I have a few more ideas that I’m sure they will love, and will work perfect for handicraft time and aid in their astronaut creative play.

If you like the idea of having this other props for your child’s astronaut creative play, but really don’t have the time or resources to make them, consider this one from Melissa & Doug.

Once you have given your child the props to imagine, just be sure to give them ample time to creative and become. You will love seeing what they come up with. Oh, and don’t forget to take some photos. If you share them on Instagram, use #thecharlottemasonway or #creativeplay so I can see them.