Charlotte Mason Curriculum

Charlotte Mason Curriculum

Charlotte Mason curriculum is becoming more and more popular, although I have always said that this is a method that could work with most any curriculum if a person really wanted to do it that way. However, I know many people new to the Charlotte Mason homeschool are nervous about what it all means and how to actually do it that I wanted to offer them a resource to looking at curriculum that are Charlotte Mason friendly.

Charlotte Mason Curriculum for a Charlotte Mason homeschool |

Charlotte Mason Curriculum

As you utilize this list, consider the key methods that you desire to implement in your homeschool and be sure that the recommendations line up with the desires you have from the start. If you still aren’t sure about the Charlotte Mason method, I would encourage you to read up on it more.

For your convenience, I will divide this resource into subjects for easy resourcing.

Habit Curriculum

Laying Down the Rails: A Charlotte Mason Habit Handbook – A guide through the habits that are referenced in Charlotte Mason’s writing.

Reading Curriculum

Teach Your Child to Read In 100 Easy Lessons – This is what I have taught two of my four kids for their reading lessons. It is effective, and perfect for short lessons.

All About Reading – This program has everything you would want your child to use when learning to read… all of their senses. The lessons are short. (I love that it works seamlessly with their spelling program as well, which we use and love!)

Delightful Reading Kit – Based on the Charlotte Mason method, this reading curriculum will help you implement the way she would have taught reading.

Spelling & Dictation Curriculum

All About Spelling – This program is one that we love in our home. We use the chalk board to practice through the week, and a magnetic board with the tiles.

Listen and Write: Sentence Dictation Sheets for Primary Grades – Includes 350 sentences for primary grades to practice spelling, and grammar through dictation.

Spelling Wisdom – There are five books in this series that will take you all through each grade of a child’s education, with amazing selections from excellent sources. It is what we use for dictation work.

Copywork Curriculum

These resources come from Queen’s Homeschool and are great resources for copywork. We have used many of these in our Charlotte Mason homeschool.

Grammar Curriculum

Story Starters – Helping children learn to write the Charlotte Mason way.

Simply Grammar: An Illustrated Primer – Originally written by Charlotte Mason, but it has been revised and expanded to teach children grammar. (Fourth through eighth graders)

Geography Curriculum

Elementary Geography – A book originally written by Charlotte Mason and reprinted for today’s homeschool family.

Elementary Geography: Fully Illustrated & Study Guides – Originally written by Charlotte Mason

Music Curriculum

Squilt Music Appreciation, which stands for ’Super Quiet UnInterrupted Listening Time – Meet the Instruments: Exploring the Orchestra and Musical Era Bundle.

Composer Study – Enrichment Studies lessons for composer study.

Jazz Composers – Enrichment Studies on jazz composers.

Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation – Enrichment Studies have a selection of art studies that will fit the Charlotte Mason homeschool perfectly.

Bible Art – Enrichment Studies focuses on art from the Bible stories that will help your family envision Biblical accounts.

It is important to remember that Charlotte Mason strongly believed that living books formed the essence of a child’s education, and was the core curriculum for her students. This resource is to help you specific areas that highlight her methods that will make it easier to implement if all pulled into one place.

If you are looking for more living book ideas, be sure to follow my blog to get the latest updates on all things Charlotte Mason!