Are you wanting to study dinosaurs and fossils with a Creation world view? If so these resources are perfect for the whole family. Take a peek into my homeschool by following my Instagram account.

Dinosaur and Fossil resources |

Dinosaur and Fossil Resources

Our family absolutely loves to study dinosaurs and fossils, because it really solidifies our faith that the world wide flood actually happened. These resources will help you study this a a family with everyone from early elementary through high school learning at the same time.

Daniel the Triceratops is a cute story for younger children to enjoy.

Jonathan Parks, the Adventure Begins is the first of a growing series of audios that your family will love, as they learn about creation from a Creation perspective.

Dry Bones and Other Fossils is a perfect resource for elementary ages to learn about the formation of fossils. They will love it, and you will love the good science they are learning from a Creation perspective.

The Fossil Book is a wonderful resource for upper elementary through high school. The details are more involved in the scientific details with a Creation perspective.

Bring all the study together with a hands-on dig of a T-Rex!

The other fossils shown are from our visit to the Ark Encounter when we did the fossil dig. That was so much fun!