Our seven year old just got his own library card, and checked out a stack of easy reader books for boys. The delight on his face was priceless, as he learned how to check out his own books. He felt so empowered, and proud to be able to finally take charge of his reading, and learn how to ‘shop’ the shelves of the library.

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Easy Reader Books for Boys

When a child starts to read, they need to practice and practice. I love to shower my children with interesting books to encourage them to practice this skill on their own, in order to build their reading speed and foster a love of books.

Books are everywhere at the library, and it is always an adventure to see if we can find new treasures amidst the shelves of books. However, to a child armed with his own library card and endless possibilities, it can be overwhelming to find ones that will interest and excite them mind with ideas.

I do my best to teach my children what a book without twaddle looks like from preschool, and honestly, it is easier to do than one may think. In fact, it can almost back fire when you get to the easy reader stage, because I raise my children on books that include rich illustrations and void of modern child book ‘cartoon’ looks.

However, it is possible, for the most part. I do want to encourage you that the goal at this stage is to teach children to read better, and to fall in love with books. The more quantity of books to help a child do this may not be the best plan, because too often children become accustom to a look of a book, and a parent struggles to get them away from the twaddle later.

You will have to do your best to decide what is right for your son’s education, and have peace with the decision.

With that said, I would love to introduce you to some of our favorite series of easy readers that our boys have loved.

Biscuit – My boys love the stories of Biscuit the dog that loves to play with his friends and toys. These stories are full of beautiful illustrations, and they love the short stories that make them feel so accomplished finishing a book so quickly.

Dick and Jane – These books have pasted the test of time, and are still a favorite among children today. All of our boys have read them, and helped build their reading speed due to the repetition they provide. The stories get bigger as they progress through the series.

Dr. Seuss – What child doesn’t love the silly, fun stories of Dr. Seuss? All of my children have, and I love to hear them read these timely classics to me.

Billy and Blaze – A series of books about a boy, Billy, and his horse, Blaze. Each book has adventure and beautiful illustrations that will capture the attention of boys (and girls) quickly.

Dan Frontier – A series of books written in the 50 and 60’s about a man, Dan Frontier, who much like Daniel Boone settled in the wilderness, hunted wild animals, built log cabins and much more adventures that boys absolutely love. These are hard to find, but worth keeping a look out for and buying any time you find one. We still have several more we want to add to our collection.

Frog and Toad – My nature loving boys have loved these stories, and enjoy the illustrations of some of their earliest nature finds in a story form. I’m sure these will be a big hit!

Owl at Home – Written by the same author as Frog and Toad, Owl at Home is a fun story of an owl that children will absolutely love.

Nate the Great – This series is packed full of mysteries, as Nate the Great investigates and intrigues younger readers to solve the mysteries with him. Great books to encourage observational skills in kids!

LEGO City Readers – LEGO has a lot of readers based on characters, but if you have a LEGO lover, it is the City Readers are always a great place to start.

Animal Friends – A more advanced reader for boys, but one that I need to add because my boys have loved this series and not a lot of people have heard about them. Cute stories about the life of animals from their point of view.

Do you have some favorites that I haven’t listed? If so, be sure to mention them in the comments.