Here’s a life-changing question for homeschool moms that are READY to experience smoother and easier days using the Charlotte Mason way…

What’s the difference between a self-educated child that delights in learning and is inspired by dominate ideas fostered by a living book enriched environment…

…and a child that balks at everything they are asked to do while dreading and stumbling through their lessons that aren’t able to keep them engaged


If you guessed…

how much individual time you give to each of your children. You would be wrong.

how many assignments your child completes. You would be mistaken.

or how many books your child reads. You would still be ever so badly mistaken. 

Because at the end of the day, it isn’t about how much you or your child does to satisfy state requirements or prepare them for college acceptance, but what brings delight to them that will foster a love of learning to their life.

Like anything else in the world, there are two ways of doing things: the hard way or the smooth and easy way.

If the smooth and easy way is how you want to homeschool…

You’ll want to discover how to raise self-educated children 
so you can experience smoother and easier days.


Here’s what you will need to know about raising a self-educated child that delights in learning and is inspired by dominate ideas fostered by a living education…

While the potential for every family to enjoy a Charlotte Mason homeschool is very possible, it takes core elements to raise self-educated children.

With these core elements in place, the days of unnecessary chaotic feelings will become a thing of the past as you beginning to experience the beginning benefits of this method. 

The internet can be so overwhelming with all the well-meaning homeschooling advice at your finger tips, leaving you feeling torn between homeschooling styles.

If you’re anything like me when I started to discover the Charlotte Mason way in 1999, you know that you don’t want to be forcing your children into a box of mandated curriculum that just requires a lot on your part to get through while your children just goes through the motion of learning. Yet being ‘new‘ to this method, you may be unsure how to do it, let alone how to raise self-educated children with this method.

The more I committed to this way of learning, the more I began to trust the method because of the fruit I saw in our children. The more fruit we experienced from my efforts, the more confident I became while properly teaching our children to gain the best all-around education. However, I was eager for the learning phase of understanding this method of education to be completed so we could experience more that it had to offer our family!

As I faithfully followed the Charlotte Mason way, I was on the road to raising self-educated children without realizing that this was going to be the reward that I reaped for being committed to this method of education.

It felt great to finally experience the versatility and adaptability of this method.

Now, I help other homeschooling families remove the intimidation and identify where to begin for their family…

But before I share that with you, I want to tell you about why the majority of homeschool families aren’t getting these types of results that they deeply desireand deserve

The REAL Reason Most Homeschoolers Aren’t Experiencing Smoother and Easier Days

After 20 years of homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason way, I have witnessed so many moms who were burned out with the daily chaos and stress of being solely responsible to not just educate her children, but keep the house and make meals while discipling and disciplining her children with love.

I know hundreds of moms that are homeschooling endless hours, year after year, and yet, no closer to experiencing smoother and easier days. Sadly, their children aren’t any closer to being self-educated either, even though they have been diligently getting their lessons done.

Homeschooling moms are some of the most dedicated people I know and deserve to experience how this method truly leds to smoother and easier days.

I’m talking about…

  • Having to plan for all of her kids
  • Fit everything in for every child in different grades
  • Spending enough time with each of them without the young ones missing out on Mommy time
  • Figuring out what to do with the younger children during school time
  • Dealing with pangs of guilt and panic with the pressure of education being so different
  • Keeping track of the lesson plans for multiple kids
  • Having to organize so many small components in a day for several people
  • Submitting records for state requirements to prove children are learning
  • Finding curriculum for her children’s education
  • And the list goes on and on…

The good news is that almost every one of these homeschooling tasks can become easier RIGHT now. In fact, most of this list will be simiplified with the core elements of this method of education put into place within your child’s education.

These things are fueled by the WRONG lens of education that keeps moms providing endless successions of do’s and don’ts to their children, instead of giving them the core elements to becoming self-educating. 

The truth is that if you want different results, you need to do things differently.

But first, you need to know exactly what these core elements are that leads to raising self-educated children. 

“Self-education is the only possible education; the rest is mere veneer laid on the surface of a child’s nature.”

Charlotte Mason

Here’s Why Most Children Never Become Self-Educated

Homeschooling always starts with so much potential.

You have so many things on your mind that you want to introduce to your children but you never feel like you have enough time to actually get all the subjects taught.

If you feel what you have planned will help you check off things the state requires while helping them succeed in life, it makes it even more important to fit it all in.

On top of that…

  • You know that people are going to ask you about your child’s education and that adds pressure to you.
  • You believe that your child will get through their work faster if you’re present in their assignments to push them along.
  • You trust what education looks like from your own experience and what it looks like into today’s educational system and you’re concerned you may mess up your child if you use an older method of eduction.

And it is with this ‘knowledge‘ that you stay whole-heartedly committed to teaching your children with
today’s education, doing what you believe to be the best education for your children…
even though you experience daily exhaustion and losing your joy in homeschooling.

With a focused commitment and sense of calling, you get started.

You pull up a homeschool planner and begin curriculum shopping full of ideas that you can teach your children in the coming year. It starts off with anticipation and excitement – but after you begin you struggle with time management of how to fit it all in.

You begin doubting yourself.

You start comparing your homeschool to other families.

You wonder what you are missing that they are doing right.

As your children get older, you begin growing concerned of gaps in their learning and falling behind in their lessons. Overwhelm sets in, and you start worrying about state requirements, testings, and the opinions of others in how you homeschool. 

Then YOU begin questioning your ability to homeschool…

How do I get my children to do their lessons without balking at everything I ask them to do?

Why do other homeschoolers seem to get things done?

Am I even doing enough for our children?

And worst of all…

Even if I figure out how to homeschool the Charlotte Mason way, is it even possible for my children to delight in learning?

How can I make lesson plans that appeal to them?

Will they ever be interested in living books that I choose for them to read?

Is it even possible to raise self-educated children with today’s homeschool requirements?

Adding to your own concerns, the overwhelm increases by the lack of obedience, support or appreciation from your children and extended family members and friends. They dread and stumble through their lessons because the lessons don’t hold their attention and you have to listen to their complaints until they get interested… if they get interested at all.  

It doesn’t matter if you are a cup half-full or silver-lining person, you will eventually want to give up on trying a method that intimidates you because it looks so different from today’s education. The fact that you’re not knowledgeable enough about the true Charlotte Mason method of education to actually plan your homeschool year, you have trouble trusting the system

And yourself…

And that’s it.

You won’t be experiencing the way your children breed ideas from living books.

You won’t be experiencing the way your children get excited about fairy tales, far off places, and people that spark delight in their minds.

You won’t be experiencing the thirst of learning all they can about things that interest them.

You won’t be raising self-educating children that you so desire to raise.

And for all of your hard work (and sleepless nights), you will have homeschooled your children through the lens of today’s education but this education will simply be a mere veneer laid on the nature of your children.

REAL TRUTH: Your homeschooling fears are totally justified.

While the odds to raising self-educated children seems low – the potential of this happening is high!

Almost unreasonably high… with the right core elements.

SO many things have to look different from today’s educational system to even get a child to delight in learning that leads them to become self-educating.

  • You need to recognize your children are born persons
  • You need to structure your home to foster learning
  • You need to create a natural routine for your family
  • You need to put your children in front of things worth observing
  • You need to build habits of learning in your children
  • You need to develop habits of self-education in your children
  • You need to select living books that delight your children
  • You need to grow ideas in your children daily
  • You need to foster a discipline of education
  • You need to provide hours in the outdoors
  • You need to train observation in your children
  • And so much more…

And because you are so busy in home making, parenting and homeschooling already, you don’t have a lot of extra time to figure out the core elements for raising self-educating children with a trial and error approach.

The core elements to raising self-educated children are the very things that will begin to create smoother and easier days for you when implemented correctly. 

A child that delights in learning is the first step to raising self-educating children.

You don’t have the time to attempt to figure out the exact core elements that takes a child that delights in learning to a self-educated child.

In fact, the core elements necessary to raising self-educating children are not easily found inside the Charlotte Mason originals series. They are there but it took years for me to discover these secrets sprinkled throughout her SIX volumes while adding them to our homeschool before I witnessed the results they brought out in our children. 

Assuming you can use the same living books that another Charlotte Mason homeschooler is using and get the same results is often what causes most homeschool moms to experience the friction in her day. This friction will eventually rob her of experiencing the joy she desires and deserves to claim as her own in homeschooling her children.

The difference lies within the core elements of self-education that aren’t listed in order within any volume of Charlotte Mason’s writings because these core elements build upon the other to raise self-educated children.

BUT… here’s the good news.

The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework™ includes methods that DO result in raising self-educating children when core elements are implemented in a child’s homeschool plans and lifestyle. 

With the right framework covering the core elements of self-education that leads to raising self-education, you will find the understanding and confidence to commit to this method of learning that will bring you a breathe of fresh air.

What It’s Like Being the Mother of Self-Educating Children

Being the mother of  THREE (almost FOUR) self-educating children is ONE of the most rewarding and fulfilling aspect of homeschooling.

It is this type of homeschooling that allows me to witness first hand the delight in learning like a baby who has discovered a new skill that they can do on their own.

Unlike homeschooling with today’s educational lens, you have the ability to put quality subjects in the hands of your children, and then get out of the way for true education to begin.

The freedom that a mother experiences when her children become self-educating awakens the delight of learning deep within her heart as well.

This awakened delight for learning ignites a passion inside her to act on the ideas that often lay dormant inside her but are now within her reach to explore with the extra time and space she has in her smoother and easier days.

When it comes to experiencing smoother and easier days in your homeschool,
there’s nothing that compares to Charlotte Mason education that leads to raising self-educated children.

The biggest mistake that most Charlotte Mason homeschooling moms make is that they don’t realize there are four roles of a teachers that look completely different than that of today’s schools. 

Homeschool moms spend more of their time being hands-on with their children and being present in their children’s lessons. The core elements for self-education consists of homeschool moms empowering their children to take ownership of their education by committing to these four roles of a teacher.

What homeschool moms don’t realize is that if they faithfully do these four roles of a teacher when planning for their homeschool year and creating a living lifestyle, they will be securing smoother and easier days for themselves while raising self-educating children who will be better equipped for life after homeschool.

And by BETTER EQUIPPED, I mean that they will have the skills to articulate and communicate while being able to secure ideas on their own to continue learning in adulthood.

When a homeschool mom is able to empower her children by following a framework that leads to self-education, they have secured ‘smoother and easier days‘ for their entire family.

Are you ready to invest in your homeschool with a tried and proven framework that leads to smoother and easier days by raising self-educated children?

The fact that you are still reading this…

  • I KNOW you have a strong desire to use the Charlotte Mason way as your homeschool method of choice.
  • I KNOW you are done with daily friction that leaves you overwhelmed and depleted as a mother.
  • I KNOW you desire confidence in your ability to homeschool this way even though you face fear and doubt (like everyone else) some of the times.
  • I KNOW you desire to provide true education to your children so they will know how to learn and love learning for life.
  • I KNOW you are ready to plan a living lifestyle that leads to self-educating children, even though you’re not completely clear on what that looks like or how to go about implementing it.

And that’s why I’m over the moon excited to invite you to join me in the Charlotte Mason Planning Framework program where I’ll guide you on how to lesson plan in a way that empowers your children to take ownership of their education in a way that lead to self-education. 

Are you ready for smoother and easier days?

If so, I would love to introduce you to …

The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework™ is a 12-month program that walks you through planning lessons that leads to smoother and easier days by raising self-educating children.

The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework provides you with my systematic planning framework couples with the philosophy of Charlotte Mason to empower your children to take ownership of their educationeven if you are ‘new‘ or ‘unsure‘ of the Charlotte Mason way™ or they currently despise homeschool.

Inside this program, you will:

  • Understand what Charlotte Mason meant when saying ‘children are born persons’ and how that plays a role in planning for each child individually in a way that will lead to self-management.
  • Discover the five stages of self-education that the first three roles of a teacher frames while understanding the three types of knowledge that Charlotte Mason placed curriculum into. 
  • Find the purpose in educating your children with the Charlotte Mason Way™ as your goals in educating your children simplified into a compass that will guide you to raising adults that are equipped to articulate and communicate, while learning beyond their homeschool years.
  • Implement my planning framework that empowers a reading child to take ownership of their education in a way that will guide you through creating a grade notebook that contains lessons plans you construct in a way that with practice and repetition, will save you years of planning.

  • AND…
  • Position yourself as a teacher to multiple age children in a way that builds independent learning using the fourth role of a teacher that will guide you in fitting everything you planned into a week and getting it done.

And the BEST part is…

The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework™ will give you confidence in your homeschool to not just trust this method of education but to embrace the self-education as the only possible education.

My Framework Eliminates…

Not being knowledgeable enough about the true Charlotte Mason-style teaching to actually plan

❌ Frustrations from interrupts and distractions from younger ones 

❌ The challenge of knowing how much to assign each child to be sure they’re doing the right amount of lessons for their age

❌ The concerns of falling behind, catching up, doing too much, and doing enough for college entrance

❌ Being overwhelmed by organizing so many small components

❌ Confusion on how many of books should be read to adequately cover the subjects

❌ Bad habits the interrupt schedules and routines in your homeschooling days

Time-consuming planning

❌ Removing decision paralysis


My Framework Provides…

Confidence that results in skipping years of frustration trying to understand the Charlotte Mason method and how it works with today’s homeschooling requirements

✅ Discover the secrets to homeschooling multiple ages while promoting self-education skills even in your youngest child while fitting everything in each day

✅ Discover the secrets to finding and using living books as your curriculum

✅ My framework secrets that make the Charlotte Mason method a perfect fit for struggling learners, kids transitioning from traditional schooling, preschoolers, and yes, even high schoolers!

✅ Clarity on how to covering so many subjects in a week

A very simple tactic to assigning the right amount of lessons for each age and level of skill

✅ 3 simple elements to accommodate the various elements of home education and allow a margin for flexibility

The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework is the perfect program
for you if…

  • You are committed to using the Charlotte Mason way with your family
  • You struggle with lesson plans that fit this method of education
  • You get concerned about using this method with state requirements
  • You desire to use this method through middle and high school
  • You have multiple aged children
  • You have lost their joy in homeschooling because of the daily friction they experience

The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework is a 12-month program designed to equip Charlotte Mason Mamas™ to lesson plan in a way that leads to smoother and easier days
by raising self-educating children

The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework is designed for homeschool moms who are ready to commit the Charlotte Mason method of education but struggle to understand how to implement it while satisfying their state requirements and preparing their children for further education and careers. 

Consider The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework as an online curriculum for Charlotte Mason Mamas to master this method of education for their family in less time and with better results because it focuses on giving your children ownership for their education.



The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework consists of FOUR deliverables supporting the core framework inside with resources for Charlotte Mason Mamas.

The Framework starts with a 5-module core framework that create the perfect P.L.A.N.S for a Charlotte Mason education that naturally leads to raising self-educating children.

The focus of this core framework is to equip the mother to create lesson plans and a schedule around her individual children with the Charlotte Mason philosophies so children stay within their elliptical orbit found inside this motto:

“I am, I can, I ought, I will.” Charlotte Mason



The PERSON module will give you a firm understanding of what Charlotte Mason meant when she said “children are born persons”

As the foundation of ‘children are born persons’ solidify for you, you’ll discover how personalities play a role in education and how to tailor to them. 

Before a child can become self-educating, they must master the two self-managing elements that will start them on the path to taking ownership of their education. 

The LEARNING module will give you a firm understanding of the five stages of self-education and how it builds from what you learned in the first module. 

Inside this module, you’ll discover how to implement three of the four roles of a teacher that leads to self-education. 

Before you begin to build your child’s curriculum, you find that Charlotte Mason had three types of knowledge that made up her student’s curriculum that educated the whole mind of a child. 

The ADULTHOOD module will provide you with three main goals you’ll want to ensure your child possesses prior to becoming an adult. 

Inside this module, you’ll discover how Charlotte Mason separated all people into two groups. This knowledge will give you purpose and direction even on the hardest homeschooling days.  

As you plan for your child’s education in mind, you become inspired by understanding how Charlotte Mason placed our role in society as her compass to what is learned through education. 

The NOTEBOOK module will provide you a planning framework that utilizes your knowledge of your unique child to organize what they should accomplish in a year. 

Inside this module, you’ll discover my five elements of constructing lesson plans. This knowledge will give you the insight on how to create weekly lesson plans that will become the responsibility of your children to work through independently.  

As you plan for your child’s homeschool assignments, you’ll create a grade notebook that will make handing over the ownership to your children easy for them. 

The SCHEDULE module will provide you a tried and proven system to fitting it all into a week. 

Inside this module, you’ll discover the process to balancing multiple age children while moving them closer and closer to becoming self-educating.  

Then last but not least, you’ll discover the fourth role of a teacher and how to implement this role of evaluation to calm your nerves about state requirements and preparing your high schooler for college and career ambitions. 


Both LIVE Calls each month are done on Zoom (a free software for participants) that are video calls where you can choose to join me on video or just listen in. 

Each month, pre-submit questions to get live consulting on your family’s personal homeschool concerns that keeps you overwhelmed about implementing this method to meet state requirements, high school requirements and college entries. 

REPLAYS are stored in the program’s hub. 


✔️ The Charlotte Mason Way Explained
✔️ How to Teach Multiple Ages
✔️ How to Build Habits
✔️ How to Create Your Own Curriculum
✔️ How to Teach Preschool
✔️ How to Implement Memory Work
✔️ How to Teach Narration and Writing
✔️ How to Implement Nature Studies and Journaling
✔️ How to Teach Science
✔️ How to Teach History Using Binder Books
✔️ How to Teach Geography
✔️ How to Teach Music and Art
✔️ How to Teach High School
✔️ How to Evaluate Your Child
✔️ How to Teach Copywork and Dictation
✔️ Binder Book examples
✔️ Nature and Science Journal examples



The Habit Builder Blueprint gives you the step-by-step journey to instilling habits in children the Charlotte Mason Way™.

It's everything you need to build good habits in your children.

This downloadable PDF contains the 5 step Journey to Instilling Habits in children using Charlotte Mason's method for laying the rails for habits coupled with my habit formula that makes habit training easier than ever.

The formation of habits is education, and education is the formation of habits.” Charlotte Mason



The Tolerably Fine Day Blueprint gives you the step-by-step ideas of what Charlotte Mason Way deemed to be more valuable than getting a few lessons in while being outdoors.

It's everything you need to embrace the outdoors with your children as an important part of their daily education.

This downloadable PDF contains the instructions that Charlotte Mason stated to be what was to be done outdoors.

“Never be within doors when you can rightly be without.” Charlotte Mason


The Child's Free Time Blueprint provides you with tried and proven free time activities for kids of all ages, including the steps to take to train them for independently doing these activities on their own and the tools they will need to do the activities.

It's everything you need to embrace the free time for your children at all ages.

This downloadable PDF contains the instructions that Charlotte Mason shared to be very important to a child's education.

"We know that many things are learned in the playing-fields;..." Charlotte Mason


The Narration Blueprint walks you step-by-step through the art of narration to raise children who become retelling machines.

It’s everything you need to understand what narration looks like at all ages and how to teach this part of a child’s curriculum successful.

This downloadable PDF contains the instructions that Charlotte Mason laid out in her original series of how to position your child to comprehend from their reading and be able to articulate a narration from memory.

“Children should ‘tell back’ after a single reading or hearing: or should write on some part of what they have read.” Charlotte Mason


The Dictation Blueprint walks you through the step-by-step way that Charlotte Mason used dictation to teach children to be good spellers.

It's everything you need to understand what dictation looks like for all ages and how to use it in place of spelling curriculum.

This downloadable PDF contains the instructions that Charlotte Mason laid out in her original series to use dictation successfully to not just teach children to spell but for them to enjoy spelling as well. 

"Dictation lessons, conducted in some such way as the following, usually result in good spelling." Charlotte Mason



The Examination Blueprint gives you the step-by-step directions of how to evaluate what your children have retained from their curriculum through the process of questions.

It's everything you need to let go of the pull of doing tests with your children and embracing the right way to know what your children have learned in their studies.

This downloadable PDF contains the instructions that Charlotte Mason laid out in her original series of how to give term examinations to children of all ages.

At the end of the term an examination paper is sent out containing questions on each book. Charlotte Mason



The ‘UNDATED’ Charlotte Mason Planner is an editable, digital planner so you can plan for all of your children on your computer and print off their Charlotte Mason assignments with ease.

With over 120+ pages, you will be able to plan elementary through high school lessons the Charlotte Mason way with ONE convenient planner that works for all ages for years to come that includes space for you to plan habit training, handicrafts, Calendar of First, Nature Journaling, Life Example of Learning for Mom and so much more of her methods built into the planner for easy implementing for your family.

This planner includes 5 sections: Annual, Term, Monthly, Weekly and Life Example of Learning for Mom. Each section consists of my framework for planning the Charlotte Mason way to plan our children’s education from preschool through high school.


The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework™ Program Community is reserved for clients of the 12-month program as a way to get on-going accountability while being supported by like-minded Charlotte Mason Mamas who are committed to this way of educating their children. It’s a great place to get questions answered in between calls, while sharing wins, ideas, and building relationship with those that homeschool just like you while committing to more that will secure smoother and easier days for YOU.


The Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop™ is only available for 8 days before it disappears. As a good-standing customer of The Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop, you’ll have lifetime access to the 5-day trainings that include planning for habits, outdoor time, child’s free time, curriculum, and independent learning. 

VALUED AT $1,897


You can grab this QUICK ACTION bonus, if you enroll by SUNDAY, MARCH 22nd at 10 PM EDT – no exceptions –
you’ll also get these done for you plans ABSOLUTELY free!

The Literature & The Arts Done for You Plans includes LIFETIME access for all FOUR of these plans. 

You’ll want to print ONE of the four Done for You Plans for each of your children. 

These Done for You Plans include a checkbox to mark off for all years of a child’s education through high school. 


The only thing for you to do with these FOUR subjects is to drop them into each term for the rest of your children’s education. 


Let me explain how each of these work…


This Done for You Plans, 100 Literature Living Books Children Should Read includes 100 living books for LITERATURE that has the author, description, and age suggestion based on Charlotte Mason’s class description.

Starts with age 6 through high school Literature books that are wholesome, Charlotte Mason styled living books. 

Each of the 100 suggestions has a check box next to the title that you can mark off as your children read them all through their education.

This is available upon enrollment.


This Done for You Plans, Artist That Children Should Study, includes 50 artist for PICTURE STUDY that has the artist, years of birth and death, and geography so you can select ones that fit your history time period while broadening your children’s geography at the same time.

Each artist will have SIX masterpieces selected so your children can study each of them during each term. 

Inside the Literature & The Arts Done for You Plans, you’ll have lifetime access to links to each of the SIX masterpieces so your children can easily do their picture study during all of their education. 

This is available by April 30th.


This Done for You Plans, Artist That Children Should Study, includes 50 artist for PICTURE STUDY that has the artist, years of birth and death, and geography so you can select ones that fit your history time period while broadening your children’s geography at the same time.

Each artist will have SIX masterpieces selected so your children can study each of them during each term. 

Inside the Literature & The Arts Done for You Plans, you’ll have lifetime access to links to each of the SIX masterpieces so your children can easily do their picture study during all of their education. 

This is available by May 31st.


This Done for You Plans, Poems That Children Should Memorize includes 50 poems from different genres including Literature, historical, speeches, and others.

Each of the 50 poems range in difficulty that can be used from age 6 through high school, plus a check box next to the poem to keep track of what they have memorized.

PLUS, it includes steps to make memorization EASY for even your youngest children to master. 

This will be available by May 31st.



(assuming you qualify for the QUICK action bonus)










When enrolling to The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework, you are committing to the full 12 month program with Dollie Freeman as your Charlotte Mason mentor.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is only for those Charlotte Mason Mamas who are serious about committing to this way of educating with me as their Charlotte Mason coach. 

There is NO refund or cancellation policy. 

When enrolling, you are committing to this 12-month program and the full payment. 

Dollie Freeman is committed to coaching you through how to become confident in planning and implementing the Charlotte Mason way into your homeschool from Kindergarten through High School. 











“When Dollie says that this Framework will save you years of planning, I 500% believe her! I will be using this Framework for years to come.”


“I am actually excited every day to get school going, I still have some anxiousness and feel unsure about myself but I am learning to extend grace to myself. I am amazed that as I just stuck to the framework, and did each layer as it came, each detail has come into place.” 


Oh my goodness!!! Oh my goodness!! My first time EVER on Zoom and my FIRST TIME speaking w/Dollie directly. What a RUSH! To everyone who was able to show up on the call, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED being able to put a real live person/face to the names. Knowing ya’ll are alongside with me, despite the bumps & bruises, attempting it too INSPIRES ME! Dollie, you are so down to earth, I love it!!! I want to knock on your door & ask to barrow a crockpot that’s – how down to earth you come across!” 


“The CM Planning Worksop was the life-raft for our homeschool because we were drowning! I was so ready to give up and put my 6 school-aged kids in public school. Dollie’s assessment about smoother and easier homeschool days intrigued me, though I couldn’t image it possible. I clicked the link and the rest is history! I devoured the core framework as quickly as I could even though so much of it was foreign to me. I knew this was my last ditch hope, so I gave it all I had. Having Dollie available live to ask my gazillion questions—some questions multiple times, but she is so patient with us desperate mamas—has been invaluable to me! The Blueprints she offers are also a visual guide to help you understand the concepts taught by Charlotte Mason, and they are jam-packed with practical tips and ideas. This is been a 2 year journey so far for us, and it’s been so refreshing! We really do have smoother and easier homeschool days; we actually LIKE school and enjoy learning!”











This 12-month program has been designed for those who already know they are committed to using this method of education with their children. 

It is not for those who are still in the research phase. 

This doesn’t mean that you need to come into the program with a foundation of Charlotte Mason philosophy. 

All you need is the committment to this way of homeschooling… and at least ONE child that you desire to homeschool. 

You children do NOT need to be at least 6-years old to benefit from this program. 

Although this is a planning framework, you’ll discover necessary philosophies that will help guide you in parenting the pre-school years preparing your children for success with this method. 

If you cancel your payments, you will be obligated to pay your remaining balance in FULL upon cancellation. 

If you desire to renew your program for a second year, you’ll have the ability to renew at the same price you enrolled in as long as you renew during the renewal process. 









About Dollie Freeman

For me, being a homeschool veteran isn’t just about set school hours or getting the lessons done. Instead, it’s about teaching our children how to learn and giving them the tools and time to explore the ideas that inspire them.

When I came across Charlotte Mason in 1999, we were hating our first year of homeschool. I knew there had to be a better way of educating children than boxed curriculum. That’s when I began to embrace the Charlotte Mason way of learning.

Since then, I’ve went from committing to this way of educating our children to become a follower of Charlotte Mason’s method. I’ve used this way with all four of our children from preschool through high school as I continued learning all I could to master this way of education.

And that’s when I’m stumbled upon the secret formula to raising self-educating children, Now it’s become my mission to share the Charlotte Mason Framework with as many moms as I can.

The Charlotte Mason Framework has been tried and proven in our family four times.

Today the Charlotte Mason Framework is changing hundreds of homeschool families… 

Are you ready for it to change yours?


Q: What's Included in The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework™?

The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework program includes ONE year (12-months) access to the 5-modules core framework. These modules highlight the cornerstone elements that I found within the pages of The Original Series of Charlotte Mason that has resulted in raising three self-educated children with our fourth child on target to be self-educating by 6th grade.

The first 2 modules of the Framework make up the cornerstones of the method that leads to self-education.

Then modules 3 & 4 consists of two additional cornerstones that are from my personal planning framework to make this method work for today’s homeschool requirements.

Finally, the 5th module contains the structure to put your plans and this philosophy together so you can fit everything into a weekly schedule.

The Charlotte Mason Framework is laid out this way:

  1. [P] Persons
  2. [L] Learning
  3. [A] Adulthood
  4. [N] Notebook
  5. [S] Schedule

TWO monthly video calls done through Zoom: Framework Chats and Laser Calls, for live consulting for YOUR homeschool concerns. 

The Charlotte Mason Way course that includes 17 videos walking you through ‘how to’ parts of this method. 

SIX Blueprints in PDF form that provides you the step-by-step instructions for habit training, mastering outdoor living, and free time activities. 

PLUS these bonuses:

– 12 month access to the Framework Community
– The UNDATED Charlotte Mason Planner
– LIFETIME Access to The Charlotte Mason Planning Workshop

The total value for everything included is $1,897.00!


Q: How long will it take me to complete the Framework core framework?

Each module varies in the amount of time that it takes to consume the video content. However, collectively, you’ll want to plan for a total of 4 hours to be able to watch all of the videos. 

Implementing what you learn will take you much longer as your homeschool and children ebb and flow.

Q: What are the Laser Calls?

Each month, The Charlotte Mason Framework Laser Calls will be done on as a video chat where clients sign up to get Dollie’s personal coaching on how to overcome their homeschool challenges with lesson planning, curriculum choices, children behavior, state requirements, reporting, etc.

These answer the call for many requests for Dollie to offer consultating calls. 

These calls are recorded and placed within the hub for active clients to access at any time.

Q: When are the Laser Calls?

Each month, The Charlotte Mason Framework Laser Calls happen on the 1st and 3rd Mondays at 3 PM ET. Please not that from March to November 1st, these are held during DAY LIGHT SAVINGS TIME)

Clients can pre-submit questions for these calls. 

These answer the call for many requests for Dollie to offer consultating calls. 

These calls are recorded and placed within the hub for active clients to access at any time.

Q: Are there payment plans available?

Absolutely! The Charlotte Mason Framework program is a 12-month program with monthly payments of just $47.

By paying $497 in full for the program in full, you can save $67. 

Q: Are there lesson plans included?

No. The Charlotte Mason Program includes the Framework core framework to equip parents and teachers with the four cornerstones of this method to successfully raise self-educated children.  The Framework teaches you how to plan, but does not include laid out plans for your children. 

With that said, during a limited-time offer, there is a quick action bonus that does include FOUR Done for You Plans for Literature & The Arts. 

You must enroll during that limited-time offer to qualify for this quick action bonus. 

This is an automatic process. 

No exceptions. 

Q: What age group will this program help me teach?

The Charlotte Mason Framework will equip you to educate all ages within your family from birth through adult.

The Laser Calls each month are perfect opportunities for those using this method in middle school and high school to overcome the stress of meeting state and college requirements, while preparing your children for careers. 

Q: Is there a refund policy if I'm not satisfied?

No. The reason is that this program has been designed in a way that only attracts those homeschool moms who are committed to this method of education and recognize that they need a program, just like this, to become successful at planning lesson plans that lead to self-educating children. 

Dollie Freeman, the Creator of The Charlotte Mason Planning Framework, is 100% committed to getting tangible transformations in her client’s homeschool. With her dedication to her clients, she only desires to work with those who are just as committed to their own transformation as she is.  


Q: Are there any samples that someone can look at to know if this program is right for them?

No. This is a program that delivers a 5-module video core framework, calls, course, and digital blueprints and bonuses that is being offered inside the program’s portal.

Samples are not possible with this type of set up.

However, you can watch past and future trainings that Dollie offers FREE on The Charlotte Mason Way Facebook Page so you can see just how much she serves her community of Charlotte Mason Mamas™.