This France Study is perfect for elementary ages children, and through middle school if you add the biography and map work. Take a peek into my homeschool by following my Instagram account.

France Study |

France Study

When we did this France study, my youngest at the time was in 2nd grade and he loved it!

I planned our year around a book called Highroad to Geography (Round the World with Father). This book is a story about how a family’s father goes and travels the world, and sends letters (the book) back to his family about the places he stops to and about the people there. (All my children have had this as part of their second grade curriculum, when we introduce map work)

You could easily use the resources in the World Travel at the same time of reading this book, because it goes so well together.

When my third son started this France study, I decided to use Binder Books to add his narrations (which I wrote for him), his map work, some fun stickers about France, and a pocket for the popups of some landmarks of Paris.

I also read aloud Lafayette French-American Hero (A Discovery Book), to connect him to our Revolutionary War study we were doing at the time.