The Most Productive Homeschool Days You've Ever Experienced

Are You Tired Of Feeling Like You Can't Get Everything Done?

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    Do you struggle with getting dinner on the table every day?
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    Do you feel like you're endlessly doing chores?
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    Does your husband lack the understanding of what all you need to do in a day... on your own?

Hi, I'm Dollie. I understand how when you educate your children in the same four walls, each and every day, the walls seem to collapes on you while the responsibilities inside sufficate you with their demands.

The Secret to Mastering Homeschool Living Lies Within YOUR Household Systems

Systems are necessary for every aspect of a family and yet, they seem to be the last thing moms ever think about creating to overcome their daily chaos in their homeschool. When a system is put into place for redundant and mundane tasks, the tasks get done faster and easier.

But here's the thing...

Most moms don't have time to trouble shoot what systems are needed, let alone create them on their own.
And here's why...

Overwhelmed homeschool moms do NOT have the time or space in their day to create something from scratch. The fact that homeschool moms are responsible for keeping the house clean, laundry, meal planning and prep, errands, discipline and discipleship, kids activities, and more, all while balancing the weight of their children's education on their shoulders.

It's taxing and overwhelming to even think about taking time out of the already chaotic day to even consider where to start with systems. 

Living in Overwhelm is NOT  Healthy

There are so many factors that create overwhelm in a homeschool mom's life. Things that make up this overwhelm creates stress that will affect not just the joy of a mother, but her physical and mental health, as well as her relationship with her husband, children, extended family, and friends.

Systems within the home are necessary for the family's overall health.

Once you discover how systems for the redundant and mundane things in your homeschool can eliminate the overwhelm, you'll begin to see other ways that even the smallest of systems can impact the way you master homeschool living. 

Systems Are Necessary for  Overall Health.

Overwhelm Caused My Health to Suffer...

Everyone knows that longterm overwhelm leads to stress and that stress can cause your health to suffer.

Yet with all of the advancement in science that proves this point time and time again, we, homeschool moms seem to play martyr to weight on our shoulders.

I know because it was happening to me at an early age of 30. 

The more overwhelm that I experience the more my mental health and joy were being affected. But that wasn't the limits to the affects that overwhelmed played in my health. I got to a place where I had to go to the chiropractor five times a week, for only five minutes of relief.

During this time, I couldn't run my home or homeschool. In fact, I couldn't even hug my kids or be intimate with my husband. I was in constant pain and it all stemmed from the stress I placed on myself.

In desperation, I know that I needed a way to balance homeschool life or it would kill me. In that moment, I became devoted to mastering homeschool living through systems.

It was within these months that I saw just how much I did for my family on a daily basis. I saw first hand that I was doing everything for everyone. I was carrying the weight of our home on my shoulders and the weight had brought me to my knees, desperately needing something...

I needed systems to master homeschool living

I sat in pain for months... completely feeling defeated.  Not only was I physically in pain, but I had allowed myself to allow the overwhelm of it all to begin to chip away my relationship with my husband and our children. I didn't have the answers in that moment...

But I knew one thing for certain... I needed to create systems for our home that would make homeschool easier.

The issue causing the overwhelm was how I dealt with things in our home and the lack of systems.

Constantly making all the decisions for parenting and homeschooling alone.

Completely doing all the chores myself without delegating any of them to our capable children.

Contemplating the overwhelm in my mind because I refused to talk about it with my husband. 

Overwhelm Robs Moms of Health

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    Overwhelm Leaves Moms Feeling Stressed 
    There is nothing so detrimental to health than living in constant stress.
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    Overwhelm Leaves Moms Feeling Unappreciated
    A mom can only do so much on her own without the help of her family before she begins to feel taken advantaged of and completely unappreciated for all her labors of love.
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    Overwhelm Leaves Moms Feeling Exhausted
    With stress affecting the body and the lack of appreciation affecting the mind, it doesn't take long for a mom to lose the motivation in what she does day in and day out and leaving her feeling exhausted from it all. 

Systems Eliminate the Overwhelm

As I made a conscious effort to get my health back and remove the overwhelm in my life, I knew that I needed to get better at communicating, taking suggestions from my husband, and delegate things around the house to our children.

This was long before Pinterest and the resources on the internet. I knew I needed systems that truly worked for homeschool moms to eliminate the daily overwhelm. At first, I felt like I was pushing a rock up hill. Before I knew it, I was creating new habits in our home that formed systems that worked, year after year. With glimpses of what was possible while creating systems to eliminate the overwhelm, I became encouraged to see that things were improving in our home.

A Unique System for YOUR Family is KEY!

During this time of working on our systems, I would find myself trying to create routines like other moms who seemed to run a tight ship and get homeschool done so easily. ​It didn't take long for me to realize that the best systems were ones that my husband and I created together for our unique family. It was a process with some trial and error, but overtime, we started to form lasting systems that truly removed the overwhelm.

It was with those trial and error times that I realized that I had created a process for creating systems that eliminated more of the overwhelm the more I used them.

That's when I began to systems for everything in our home and homeschool. It was within this process that our systems eliminated overwhelm and created something that worked for me to feel like I've mastered homeschool living.

And now, I share this process with moms, like you!

Introducing Master Homeschool Living

Master Homeschool Living™ course is a great resource if you’re looking to organize and plan all elements of your home to have the best homeschool year for the rest of your homeschool journey. 

If you find yourself overwhelmed by all your duties as a homeschool mom, I would love the opportunity to show you just how Master Homeschool Living will be the resource to help you create systems that eliminate the overwhelm. 

  1. 1
    You'll discover how to communicate with your husband in a way that creates a team mindset for every aspect of your home and homeschool.
  2. 2
    You'll become equipped to make homeschool curriculum choices in a way that removes mid-year changes.
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    You'll find systems to plan and organize all areas of the home so you can master homeschool living without the overwhelm.

Master Homeschool Living

Master Homeschool Living consists of  5 modules to EVALUATE seven crucial areas, IDENTIFY four key elements to your homeschool, four stages to making the right CURRICULUM choices, ORGANIZE seven elements to your homeschool day, and PLAN six aspects of your homeschool year.

You'll have lifetime access for the life of the course.

Removing overwhelm from a homeschool mom has never been easier.

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Dollie Freeman

Creator of
Master Homeschool Living

About the Creator

Dollie Freeman is a homeschool mom of four children ages 9-25, who knows what it is like to both fail and succeed at homeschool living.

It was homeschooling overwhelm that caused Dollie's health to be affected by the stress of a home that didn't run well. It was this decline in her health that led her to developing this process to master homeschool living. Now she teaches other moms the process that makes systems the factor to mastering homeschool living.

Will Master Homeschool Living Work for YOU?

If you are like me, you've tried many different home systems and have failed terribly with many of them. You may have struggled making a good idea work for your family. With repeated failure, you just have given up the fight and have graciously surrendered to the overwhelm in your life.

What I have found is that the problem that moms face when creating workable systems for their home is that they try to fit their family into systems that just wouldn't work for their family.

Master Homeschool Living is different. 

Master Homeschool Living teaches moms how the process to communicate with her husband, get to know her children in key areas, and use those personalizes findings to then plan and organize their home and homeschool.

Systems Are NOT a One-Size Fits All Solution

It's when something feels natural and personalized that makes it an effective system that you can do longterm.

Systems are NOT something that can be only one way and meets the needs of the masses. Instead, systems need to take in consideration the uniqueness and preferences of the family while creating a team mentality between spouses. 

The truth is that a personalized system will be easier to implement and stick with it. 

This is why systems work best with a process that starts with your unique family.

Eliminates and Provides

With this course, you'll discover the process that is built especially for a homeschool family to create systems that removes the overwhelm that rests on the mother's shoulder.

Master Homeschool Living Eliminates:

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    The struggle with spouse communication 
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    The frustration of curriculum choices
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    The distractions of well-meaning advice
  • angle-right
    The overwhelm of redundant and mundane home responsibilities
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    The disappointment of a failed curriculum plan

Master Homeschool Living Provides:

  • The structure that is needed for a healthy marriage
  • The knowledge of what to look for within your children
  • The system to plan your homeschool
  • The direction to curriculum choices that fit your children perfectly 
  • The confidence to organize for success

Here's What You'll Discover ...

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    ​​EVALUATE seven crucial areas of your homeschool
  • angle-right
    ​​IDENTIFY four key elements to your homeschool
  • angle-right
    Four stages to making the right CURRICULUM choices
  • angle-right
    ​​ORGANIZE seven elements to your homeschool day
  • angle-right
    ​​PLAN six aspects of your homeschool year

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Money-Back Guarantee

You’re completely protected by my 14-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. This means if you don’t find the video course to be something that your family will be using, simply let me know within those 14-days and you’ll be issued a full refund. No hassles and no questions asked

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P.S. Creating this process to how I added systems into our family was the lasting change to my overwhelm as a mom. If you're currently overwhelmed as a mom, you desperately need this process to not just eliminate daily overwhelm but to protect your joy in motherhood. 

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