This music appreciation study has great resources for adding composers, hymns, music theory, and instrument study to your Charlotte Mason homeschool.Take a peek into my homeschool by following my Instagram account.

Music Study - Introducing Your Children to the Composers, music theory, hymns and their first instruments. |

Music Appreciation Study

One of my favorite composer books is Lives of the Musicians. The biographies are short, and a perfect way to introduce your family to many of the famous composers. For older children you can do more in-depth studies of each of the composers, while using this book to introduce them to your younger children. You may enjoy using the Composer Fandex guide, too!

The 52 Hymn Stories is a wonderful resource that dramatizes the story behind each of these hymns.

Our music theory flash cards are a great way to introduce parts of music in a fun way for kids of all ages.

The Nine-Note Recorder method is a great book for kids to learn how to play the recorder. My daughter still picks up her record a few times a year, more than 16 years after learning how to play it. We start with a soprano recorder.  No one in our house has ever mastered the harmonica but we do love to hear it being it played!

We also have The Guitar Chord Deck and The Guitar Scale Deck for those who like to work on their guitar learning.