A 12-Week CHARACTER Bible Study

NOBLE CHARACTER: 12-Week Bible Study

Noble Character: 12-Week Bible Study is a perfect resource to grow the Godly-character in your children.

Each week lessons include manuscript copywork of the memory verse (KJV & NIV), Bible narrations of a character example and one that portrays the opposite character with Bible reading options, verse searches, and more.

Includes KJV & NIV Bible Cards for memory work.


Noble Character: 12-Week Bible Study is the perfect resource for training key character traits in children that are needed to be used within a family every single day.

This Bible study will equip children to take ownership of their choices through short narrations of people in the Bible who demonstrated the character and another example of someone else in the Bible who demonstrated the lack of that character. Studying this way will allow your children of all ages to understand the blessings of noble character and the consequences of lacking in character.

Noble Character includes the family catechism that I wrote containing all 12 character traits. This family catechism can be memorized to help guide your parenting toward raising children with noble character. 

Here are the 12 character traits included in Noble Character: 


✔️ Honor
✔️ Love
✔️ Humility
✔️ Compassion
✔️ Truth
✔️ Righteousness
✔️ Faithfulness
✔️ Forgiveness
✔️ Purity


Noble Character can be used with the whole family!

There is flexibility in this 12-week study, however for those desiring a curriculum based study, these suggestions would serve your needs.

Curriculum study, with one trait per week…

Day 1: Read through the character definition, verses and Bible example of the character. Copy one of the verses.

Day 2: Read through the character definition, verses and Bible example of the lack of this character. Copy the other verses.

Day 3: Write how the Bible examples differ, and read verses.

Day 4: Read the verses, enter verses for the word study.

Day 5: Read the verses, enter verses for the word study.

Elementary & Middle School – For High School require the scripture references included & written narration of what they read on their own.

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Dollie Freeman

Dollie Freeman

Creator of The Charlotte Mason Framework

Veteran Charlotte Mason homeschool mom of four children who has successfully taught with this method from preschool through high school.

Character training is one of the most important aspect of a Charlotte Mason Mama’s job? As important as it is, it isn’t an easy thing to do!

I remember when I was trying to teach key character into our two older children as the birth of our third child quickly approached. I felt outnumbered and overwhelmed by this task.  

That’s when I began to create Noble Character. However, at that time, I called the Discipleship Book. Since those days, in 2002, I’ve added more to the book and it is now packaged as a full Bible Study that is perfect for the Charlotte Mason way of educating. 

The character traits included in this study will create smoother and easier homeschool days when implemented as part of character training.