This paper Lego puppet craft is a perfect addition to a Charlotte Mason homeschool. My son was reading in his Dick and Jane Fun Wherever We Are book. In the story Dick, Jane and Sally were having fun creating their own puppets with brown paper bags. He stopped reading and said, “That looks like fun! I want to do that, too.”

Please note: This craft was inspired by reading. Reading has been proven to inspire ideas, spark imagination and foster creativity. Read at your own risk.

Paper Lego Puppet - Create easy to make and fun to play with paper puppets of children’s favorite Lego characters. |

Paper Lego Puppet

Do you ever have days when homeschooling, home and life is just difficult? Of course you do. We all do!

Well, on this day, it was my turn!

Our whole family slept in later than normal, and I welcomed it on the rainy, wintery day. At first, I didn’t think that the day was going off track, until my youngest proved that he was just not ready for the normal routines after a two week break for Christmas.

Not being a coffee drinker, but feeling like I needed something hot to get me through the morning with a little more joy than I was feeling, I poured myself a cup of hot chocolate, added a miniature candy cane to the mug and stirred it for a moment.

Taking a deep breath of air, I sat down and we turned to the next story in my son’s book.

I literally started to think that I need an attitude adjustment, and then he stopped reading and showed his inspiration with his idea to do the craft himself.

I knew right then that I would show him how to take his love of Legos with his idea of paper puppets.

When he was done reading, I told my son that I had a surprise for him. His delight was warmer to my soul than the cup of hot chocolate, and it melted my attitude away.

I pulled out all of the craft items we needed, and I pulled up a chair next to him and we began to create.

Easy to make paper Lego puppet, kids will love! |

When my son saw me working on my own paper Lego puppet, he got so excited and wanted to know what I was making. When I showed him my nearly finished puppet, his eyes lit up with so much joy that I know I got the ‘best mom’ award that day.

He grabbed all of his favorite Lego favorites, currently it is the Ninjago Ninja figures, and started creating.

Before you knew it, he was loving his creative play with the puppet I made for him! Made my day so much better, too.

Creative play with Paper Lego Puppet - Easy and fun! |

Make Your Own Paper Lego Puppets

Do you want to add this creative play to your Charlotte Mason homeschool? If so, here is what you will need for this craft:

Create even more ideas with these additional items:

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