Preschool books are easy to find, but many are full of twaddle. It is amazing how much children will learn from a simple picture book that is read to them. I have a lot of my favorite ones that can be read to a preschool child, or younger, that will not only capture their attention and imagination, but also give them a love for living books in the form of picture books.

Preschool Books Without the Twaddle - Create a love of books at a young age. |

Preschool Books Without the Twaddle

When my older two children were preschool ages, I didn’t do a lot of reading to them, but books were always a part of their day. Then we started the Charlotte Mason homeschool and read aloud became so important to me.

I remember the joy of our third child, as I would fill his book basket next to his own little chair in his room. He would sit there for 20-30 minutes just looking at the books, and then wanting me to read them to him when his book time was over.

It was during that time that I was learning about Picture Study, and the importance of giving your children good things to think about. I decided to do this with our young children by selecting the best picture books for preschool ages that would not only keep their attention with the words, but inspire them with the pictures.

Before I realized it, my son became very accustom to the beautiful picture books, and would literally toss any book that wasn’t high standards of pictures.

It was then that I realized that picture books needed to be evaluated for twaddle as well.

The more I looked at picture books the more I was seeing that the preschool books that were cartoonish in nature, had a childish story to go with it. However, the picture books with beautiful illustrations had a capturing story that held a child’s attention for the entire length of the book.

So if you are looking for these types of preschool books, this is the right book list for you.

This is by far not a complete list by will get you started on what to look for when selecting preschool books for your Charlotte Mason homeschool.

I tend to find an author or illustrator that I love and then search for that their other works. Here are some of my top favorite ones that I know your family will absolutely love, as well.

Jonathan London

Otters Love to Play – A fictional story about otters filled with facts about spring time and otters!

Hippos Are Huge – From a naturalist observations of Africa, comes this beautifully illustrated picture book that shares about the deadliest animal of that area. Full of facts perfectly done for preschool ages.

The Eyes of Gray Wolf – A poetic story of the life of a wolf during the winter. Includes wonder discussion opportunities at the end of the book.

Little Penguin – From the time their egg cracks, penguins learn how to survive the Antarctic climates.

Little Swan – The cutest story of a baby swan and all they learn before they begin migration.

Phantom of the Prairie: Year of the Black-footed Ferret – Learn all about how ferrets live, hunt and protect themselves from the coyote that roam the prairie.

Jean Craighead George

Look to the North: A Wolf Pup Diary – Learn all about three pup wolves as they learn all about what it means to be a wolf.

Morning, Noon and Night – Take a look at America from east to west coast while looking at how animals spend their days.

Elephant Walk – Learn about Africa elephants through the life of a baby elephant.

Rhino Romp – A fun story about African rhinos, and how one needed to get found.

Giraffe Trouble – A story about an African giraffe who learns all about the dangers around him.

Cynthia Rylants

In November – Take a look at what animals do in November, when people spend time with family and friends.

Long Night Moon – A unique look at one spot with twelve full moons over a year time.

Kristine L. Franklin

The Shepherd Boy – Set in the Navajo country, a boy tends to sheep, and faces the dangers of a shepherd.

William T. George

Box Turtle at Long Pond – A day in the life of a box turtle.

Beaver at Long Pond – Learn about the nocturnal life of a beaver.

Winter at Long Pond – A father and son take a walk to get a tree, and they find a lot of animals along the way.

Brian J. Heinz

A Coming of Winter in the Adirondacks – Trees of the forest change as the coming of winter approaches.

Jane Yolen

On Duck Pond – A story of observation of when a boy and his dog witness the birth of a bird.

Once your children enjoy these books, you will see how preschool books won’t be the same with other lists. You will also learn how to identify how to find ones on your own, and continue to give the gifts of books to your children.