The Charlotte Mason Way Course


The Charlotte Mason Way Course is a self-lead course containing 14 videos going into depth about how to use this method to homeschool in today’s culture. As a bonus, I have included TWO videos that include samples of Binder Books, Nature and Science Journals.





The Charlotte Mason Way Course…

If you are looking for something that will help you get more out of your homeschool decision to use the Charlotte Mason way to educate your children this series of 14 online video Course is for you.

This self-lead course is perfect for a newbie to this way of education, a mother struggling to stay on top of the multiple ages within their home, someone working to fit more of the methods into your homeschool or a home educator looking for the answer to know to use this method for middle school and high school.

In addition to great information for you to implement the Charlotte Mason way, each video will have an ‘assignment’ for you to help you learn how to implement that focused method into your own homeschool.  Of course, this is optional but helpful for those ready to take their homeschool into a joyful place with the Charlotte Mason way.

This one purchase can benefit your homeschool journey from preschool through high school for all of your children, making it one of the most important non-consumable resources yet!

Building your confidence, giving you the knowledge of how to implement this way for your own family.

The Charlotte Mason Way Course Includes:

  1. The Charlotte Mason Way Explained
  2. How to Teach Multiple Ages
  3. How to Build Habits
  4. How to Create Your Own Curriculum
  5. How to Teach Preschool
  6. How to Implement Memory Work
  7. How to Teach Narration and Writing
  8. How to Implement Nature Studies and Journaling
  9. How to Teach Science
  10. How to Teach History Using Binder Books
  11. How to Teach Geography
  12. How to Teach Music and Art
  13. How to Teach High School
  14. How to Evaluate Your Child

BONUS: A video of samples from our Binder Books and another video of our nature and science journals!



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