The Most Natural Routine 
You've Ever Created

Tired of Pinterest Routines Not Working for Your Family?

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    Do you struggle with routines because no two days are the same in any given week?
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    Do you feel like you're endlessly spinning in circles trying to declutter the stuff all over the house?
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    Does your husband's work schedule keep you from implementing the routine that looks great on paper?

Hi, I'm Dollie. My life was spiraling out of control when I walked out of my house in a crying craze. It took me creating

a routine for my family that brought calm to our day and joy back into my motherhood.

The Secret to Routine Success Lies Within
YOUR Family's Dynamics

Routines are necessary for every aspect of a family and yet, they seem to be the most challenging aspect for a mom to create one that actually works for her family. When a mom finds a routine that works so well for her family, she wants to share the routine with others because it literally changed her family's life.

But here's the thing...

What works beautifully for one mom will NOT work for another. 

And here's why...

Your family is completely different than any other family! The fact that each family has their own dynamics makes cookie cutter routines frustrating and overwhelming because they aren't personalized to the uniqueness of a family and the demands daily life puts on their day to day schedule. 

This is the reason why Pinterest perfect routines just do not work for your family. They were created for one family making it perfect for them. 

Cookie Cutter Routines Do NOT  Work

There are so many factors that go into creating a routine for your family. Things that make up how you spend your day and what you do in those hours are just a fraction of what I'm speaking about. You also have personalities and preferences to consider when creating your routines.

Routines that truly work for your family will be just as unique as a finger print.

Once you discover how personalities, preferences, and the dynamics that make your family unique plays a role in how routines work best, you'll finally be able to create a routine that works even in the most chaotic season of your life. 

Routines are as unique as Finger Prints

Daily Chaos Caused Me To Leave My Family...

My husband had no idea how the the daily chaos was putting a toll on me. That was until one day, he came through the door and made a comment about the chaos he just walked into after a hard day. 

It was in that moment that the weight of cumulative days came flying out of my mouth like a flood of words. My husband never even saw it coming because I had been struggling with my overwhelm all on my own and keeping the frustration to myself. 

In a crying craze, I knew I had reached my breaking point in motherhood. I grabbed the keys from my husband's hand and left my family.

I just drove unsure of where I was going, but knowing that I needed distance from everything that I held dear. It was one of the hardest moments in motherhood for me because I had hit rock bottom and knew it. The daily chaos of motherhood left me completely depleted.

I needed to eliminate my daily chaos

I drove around in the country... completely lost.  Not only was I lost physically, but as a mother, I had lost my way as well. 

But I knew one thing for certain... I needed to eliminate my daily chaos.

It was the daily chaos that was the issue causing the problem. 

Constant interruptions derailed my best efforts at setting up a routine. 

Unnecessary clutter throughout the house was keeping me busy but not productive. 

Misplaced blame was keeping me blind to the solution right in front of my face. 

Daily Chaos Robs Moms of Joy

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    Daily Chaos Leaves Moms Feeling Outnumbered 
    There is nothing so disheartening then feeling like your own flesh and blood is out to just ruin your day and take away any joy you may have started the day with. But it is so true for a mom in the trenches who feel like her children are doing all they can to win every battle in the day.
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    Daily Chaos Leaves Moms Feeling Inadequate
    A mom can only take so much before feeling like everything she does isn't making a difference for her family. 
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    Daily Chaos Leaves Moms Feeling Alone
    With social media and the lack of transparency, it's easy for moms to begin to feel like everyone else has everything together and that they are the only ones struggling in motherhood. Living in daily chaos wears on a mom like nothing else and creates a loneliness in motherhood that zaps the joy right out of a woman. 

Routines Eliminate the Daily Chaos

As I made my way home from the country where my crying craze took me, I knew that I needed to start with creating routines for our family.

This was long before Pinterest and the resources on the internet. I knew I needed an approach that truly worked to create routines. At first, I felt like I was shooting in the dark. Before I knew it, I was making progress in finding a natural rhythm to our days. With glimpses of what was possible while intentionally eliminating the daily chaos, I became encouraged to see that things were improving in our home.

A Unique Routine for YOUR Family is KEY!

During this time of working on our routine, I would find myself trying to do our routine like other moms who seemed to have it all together. If I just mention that I was working on routines, they would offer suggestions on what worked for them. Although they were well-meaning friends, I quickly realized that their family routine just wouldn't work for us the same way.

​It was with those trial and error times that I realized that our family was unique and our routine should be as well. 

That's when I began to embrace our family's dynamics and what made us unique. It was within this approach that our routine eliminated daily chaos and created something that worked for us regardless of the season we found ourselves in, year after year. 

And now, I share this approach with moms, like you!

Introducing The Routine Approach

The Routine Approach Course is a self-led 5 modules course that will walk you through creating a unique routine for your family by discovering your family’s unique dynamics and how it plays a role in identifying a natural rhythm to even the most chaotic days.

If you find yourself depleted from the daily chaos, I would love the opportunity to show you just how The Routine Approach will be your last resource for creating the routines that will work for your family.

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    You'll discover how your family's dynamics will unfold a natural rhythm to even the most chaotic days. 
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    You'll become equipped with the essential elements to creating your own unique routines just for your family, year after year.
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    You'll find solutions to everyday routine robbers and interruptions that has you parenting like never-before.

The Routine Approach Course

The Routine Approach consists of 5 video modules with each module has ‘action steps’ to help you create your family’s routine that focuses on each person’s dynamics and how it works together to create your family dynamics.

You'll have lifetime access for the life of the course.

Removing daily chaos has never been so easy as it is with this approach to creating routines as unique as your finger prints. 

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Dollie Freeman

Creator of
The Routine Approach

About the Creator

Dollie Freeman is a homeschool mom of four children ages 9-25. If anyone struggles with balancing routines, it is a homeschool mom balancing multiple ages and demands within the four walls of a cluttered home.

It was life's demands that caused Dollie's life to begin to spiral out of control and led her to grabbing the car keys in a crying craze of overwhelm. That moment lead her to creating the approached that breathed joy in her motherhood again. Now she teaches other moms the approach that makes working routines as unique as finger prints.

Will The Routine Approach Work for YOU?

​If you are like me, you've tried many different routines and have failed terribly with each one. You may have struggled taking the perfectly planned routine and actually had the motivation to stick with it. With repeated failure, you just have given up the fight and have graciously surrendered to the chaos of your life.

What I have found is that the problem that moms face when creating routines is that they try to fit their family into an unrealistic routine that can't easily become a lifestyle.

The Routine Approach is different. 

The Routine Approach teaches moms how to identify what comes natural for their family and embrace their family's uniqueness to uncover the routine that will work for her family.

Routines Are NOT a One-Size Fits All Solution

It's when something feels natural and personalized that makes it effective.

Routines are NOT something that can be mass produced to meet the needs of the masses. Instead, routines need to ebb and flow with the daily demands of the uniqueness and preferences of the family. 

The truth is that a personalized routine will look different on different days. It will have seasons of change throughout the years. 

This is why routines work best with an approach versus a cookie cutter pattern.

Eliminates and Provides

With an approach, you'll discover the elements that empower you to embrace the natural things your family needs in different seasons when life demands more of you from time to time.

The Routine Approach Eliminates:

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    The struggle of juggling all the balls 
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    The frustration of multiple children needing to do different things
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    The distractions of interruptions
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    The overwhelm of every day of the week looking different
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    The disappointment of a failed attempt to making routines work for you 

The Routine Approach Provides:

  • The structure that is needed for natural routines to actually work
  • The knowledge of what to look for within your family that matters most
  • The system to identify the different types of interruptions and remove them
  • The direction to self-correct a bad day 
  • The confidence to routine success

Here's What You'll Discover ...

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    The Next Thing Mindset
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    How to Identify a Natural Rhythm
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    ​Essential Elements to Routines
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    ​Identifying Routine Robbers
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    ​How to Eliminate Interruptions
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    ​How to Create Your Family’s Routine

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

100% Money-Back Guarantee

You’re completely protected by my 14-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. This means if you don’t find the video course to be something that your family will be using, simply let me know within those 14-days and you’ll be issued a full refund. No hassles and no questions asked

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P.S. Creating the approach to how I worked routines into our family was the changing point to my overwhelm as a mom. If you're currently overwhelmed as a mom, you desperately need this approach to not just eliminate daily chaos but to protect your joy in motherhood. 

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