Welcome to The Charlotte Mason Way, a website devoted to helping today’s homeschool family learn how to implement this beloved method that will nurture your children into self educating minds that will last a life time.

I will never forget how much joy implementing the Charlotte Mason way into our homeschooling was for our home. We had only been homeschooling for half of a year, and I was struggling with the curriculum choice that I made based on what was working for others that I knew.

One thing lead me down the rabbit hole of this beautiful method, and our family has never looked for anything else.

I want you to understand what you can come to expect from The Charlotte Mason Way, and how to get the most out of my nearly 20 years of using this method to educate our children to be lovers of learning.

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You may see a theme on my blog. That is to say, bird nests and eggs are throughout the website and on my Charlotte Mason product.


It was the study of birds that took this city girl that was afraid of everything that creeped, how no interest in much that nature provided and turned her into a nature-loving woman.

As a way to remember where it started for me, I add beauty through bird’s nest and eggs.

Now, me explain a little more about how my website works, so it is easier for you to navigate and benefit from all that is here.

You can use the categories listed above to navigate through my site, or just click through the relevant links that will help you on learning all you can about the Charlotte Mason way for your own family.

The only thing that I will be sharing on this website is all about the Charlotte Mason way, but to help you come to understand what that means, I will break it up for you so you will see just how useful this blog can be for your homeschooling journey.

METHOD – This is the category that will break down the details of each of the methods that are so loved by many for nearly 200 years.

STUDIES – Do you want to utilize living books, and other resources as your source of curriculum, but not sure where to start? This category will give you suggestions based on themes that include history, nature, geography and more. Pick what works for your family, or use all the resources.

LIVING BOOK LISTS – Are you looking for living books to just read and enjoy? These Literature book lists will give you great ideas based on different topics to help you provide a Charlotte Mason education for your family with ease.

CURRICULUM – Are you looking for Charlotte Mason friendly curriculum but not sure what to look for or what is available? This category will help you learn about the options to see what fights your family’s need.

CREATIVE PLAY – Imagination and observation is a key element to the Charlotte Mason way, and children needs lots of time to explore, and just play. This category will have ideas to help you do that and foster the love of creative play in their day.

HANDICRAFTS – Children are encouraged to learn skills through handicrafts (crafts or hobbies in today’s term) and use their free time to master these skills. This category will give you ideas of how to help your children find handicrafts that they will absolutely love.

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Learning is the only way to experience more to life. 

I’ve collected the best reading resources for moms, like you, to actually learn more about this method and how to implement it with your family.


Even though I started learning about Charlotte Mason in 1999, I continue to read her original series. The more I read, the more I find gems that seemed to hide from me the last time I read it. 

Life without learning is a life with limitations.

Enjoy this list of learning opportunities so you can truly experience the abundance that life has for you… and your children.