This world travel study is for the whole family, and one that your family will thoroughly enjoy. Take a peek into my homeschool by following my Instagram account.

World Travel Study |

World Travel Study

World travel study is a fun way of opening up the world to your children, and allowing them to explore continents, countries, people, animals and more with only a few resources that will work for all ages within your family.

The Animal Atlas – My children have always loved to learn about continents through the animals that live there. I couldn’t believe how quickly my children grasped the different continents because of their study of animals from each region.

My daughter loved photography, so at the time she was learning about animals and where they were from, I assigned her to do photography at the National Zoo, and be able to identify the continent of origin for each animal. She loved it!

People Around the World – I really liked this book because it showed so much about the different culture in colorful photos, and were easy for my whole family to learn together.

Journal – We like to make our own out of card stock, and use them in our Binder Books for the different continents.

I purchased a lot of things from Michael’s, like the Passport, and other embellishments to make the binder books fun and interesting to the kids as they decorated them.

Wooden plane kits are fun, while studying about world travel. There is one for younger kids, and more complex ones for older kids. These make great handicrafts to go along with your unit study.